Mobile and Fixed Asset Water Treatment


Our water treatment is highly effective, economical, and safe. Our fleet is designed to operate 24/7 for both mobile and stationary applications to best suit your water treatment, disinfection, and recycling needs. Fully automated with remote monitoring and control, our small footprint allows systems to be incorporated easily into existing facilities and production sites.

Our Nano-Bubble and ClorTec® Sodium Hypochlorite units generate a disinfectant that provides 100% bacterial kill, a long lasting residual, inorganic contaminant removal, including heavy metals and hydrogen sulfide, and increases O2 in H20 for BOD and COD reduction without requiring or emitting hazardous chemicals.

Our ClorTec® units are housed in an 8x40 ft shipping container, weigh between 20,000 & 25,000 lbs., and are easily transported on a flatbed trailer for quick deployment and mobile applications. Our units can also be fixed and built into existing Salt Water Disposal lines, large scale treatment ponds, as well as built into transmission lines in order to best facilitate full-cycle dosing and treatment.  

Customers using ClorTec®systems as a solution for disinfecting and oxidizing produced water before injecting the water into Salt Water Disposal wells have realized a reduction in pressure buildup and less frequent workovers.  As a result, such SWD wells may be less likely to experience seismicity issues.